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For those in the Asia-Pacific and Europe regions, you'll recognize the terms "Arrears" and "Tenancies." Meanwhile, our North American customers will be more familiar with "Delinquency" and "Leases." To understand the regional terminology distinctions in detail, please visit our Glossary of Regional Terminology.


This article serves as a guide for generating the Property Analysis report, a valuable tool that offers a comprehensive financial overview of your property. It details how you can customize the report to display key metrics such as Weighted Average Lease Term (WALT), rent amounts, purchase price, and property value, providing you with actionable insights to better understand your property's financial performance.


Filtering Your Report

To make your Property Analysis report suit your individual needs, you can apply a variety of filters:

  • Reports For: Select the company for which you wish to generate the report.
  • Property to Include: Include a single property or all your managed properties in the report.
  • Types of Properties to Include: Choose to focus on specific property types, or include all types within the report.
  • Tenancy: Opt for reports on a certain tenancy type or include all tenancies.
  • Options: Decide whether or not to exclude potential rent from your analysis.
  • Lease types to include: Select the lease types that you want the report to reflect.


Utilizing Advanced Options

For more detailed insights, the report offers advanced options that allow you to simulate different scenarios:

  1. Expand the view by clicking on Show Advanced Options to see and adjust the values used in the report.
  2. Modify figures like Outgoings to explore how potential changes could impact the Total Net Rent.
  3. To return to the system's automatic calculations at any point, click the Default Values button.


Note: The Outgoings value in the report is based on the approved budget. In cases where the budget is still marked as 'draft', the Outgoings figure will default to zero.


Generating The Report

Having set your preferred filters and adjusted the advanced options as necessary, simply click on Generate Report on Screen to promptly view your tailored Property Analysis report.

By thoughtfully applying the right filters and considering the advanced options, the Property Analysis report becomes an instrumental resource for driving informed decisions in managing your property portfolio.

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