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With the Maintenance Report, you can get a handle on all scheduled maintenance tasks in one place, tailored just for your needs. This article will guide you through accessing, customizing, and utilizing the Maintenance Report to stay up-to-date on your property maintenance activities.


Accessing the Maintenance Report

Let's start by pulling up your Maintenance Report:

  1. Navigate to the Maintenance Hub on your dashboard for an overview of all maintenance-related information.
  2. Find and select Reports from the main header menu.
  3. Look under the Property section and click on Maintenance Report.

You will then be presented with the Maintenance Report dashboard from where you can view and filter your property's maintenance tasks.


Customizing Your Report

Maximize the potential of your report by applying the filters that fit your specific needs:

  • Report For: Choose the company profile you're working on.
  • Property Manager: Limit the display to tasks associated with a chosen property manager.
  • Delegated To: Locate tasks delegated to a specific team member.
  • Date Filter: Focus on maintenance tasks due within a selected timeframe.
  • Contractor: View tasks linked to a particular contractor.
  • Type: Select the nature of the maintenance required.
  • Properties to Include: Filter reports for particular properties.
  • Maintenance Status to Include: Segregate tasks based on their progress stage – New, Awaiting Quotes, In Progress, Complete, or Work Cancelled, to name a few.


Generating and Viewing the Report

Once you've set up your filters to your preference:

  1. Click on Generate Report on Screen to see your tailored Maintenance Report.
  2. If your report is rich in detail with multiple columns, take advantage of the horizontal and vertical scrollbars to view all information.


Downloading The Report

To create an offline copy of your report:

  • Decide on a format – save as a PDF or CSV file according to your needs.
  • To maintain clarity, especially when printing, landscape format is recommended for extensive reports in PDF format.

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By mastering the Maintenance Report feature, you can make sure all maintenance tasks are well-organized and attended to promptly, enhancing efficiency and property upkeeping.

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