Available Add-ons and Integrations

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This article will guide you through understanding the available Add-ons and Integrations and how to manage these tools, ensuring seamless connectivity and extending the capabilities of your Re-Leased software.

Navigate to the Settings menu and select Manage Add-ons and Integrations to view the available options.

Re-Leased Add-ons

  • Landlord Portal - Provides an online portal for landlords to view property and tenancy information, enhancing transparency and communication. Look for more details under the Apps section in our Knowledge Base.
  • Landlord App - Allows for property managers and their clients to easily access property and tenancy details while on the go.
  • Tenancy App - Offers tenants a mobile way to view important information such as key dates, arrears status, and the ability to request maintenance directly.
  • Property Manager App – Allows for property managers to easily access Re-Leased through their device. 

Accounting Integrations

Seamlessly sync Re-Leased with a Connected Accounting Integration. See the relevant Knowledge Base articles for more information. 

3rd Party Integrations

  • Google Calendar, Office 365, and Outlook Calendar -  One-to-one calendar synchronization to keep track of your appointments and events within Re-Leased.
  • Inspection Express / Inspection Manager / Property Inspection Manager - Available for Australian and New Zealand users to streamline property inspections through these dedicated tools.
  • Fixflo Maintenance - Integrate with this online repair reporting system to manage property maintenance requests efficiently. For more information, visit Fixflo.
  • ADL Forms - Australian Trust Accounting users can integrate with ADL Forms if they have an existing subscription to this service.

Configuring your Re-Leased platform with these additional features positions your business for improved efficiency and a better end-user experience. Harness the combined power of Re-Leased with these add-ons and integrations today!



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