Integrating Fixflo with Re-Leased

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This article provides detailed instructions on integrating Fixflo with Re-Leased, enabling seamless synchronization of property maintenance tasks between the two systems. Understand how to connect both platforms, manage integration settings, and efficiently handle maintenance issues within your real estate management workflow. 

Understanding Fixflo Integration Points 

Fixflo integration with Re-Leased primarily involves two key areas: 

  • Properties: Referred to as Units in Fixflo. 
  • Maintenance: Known as Issues in Fixflo. 

Note: The integration doesn't include syncing for Areas or Tenancies. Synchronizations occur exclusively at a property/unit level. 

Setting Up Your Fixflo Integration 

Integrating Re-Leased with your Fixflo site allows for an organized maintenance record, alongside the capability to generate comprehensive reports. Below is a guide to setting up the connection: 

Finding Your Fixflo Domain and Token

  1. Log into your Fixflo account. 
  2. Click on your username, then select My Profile
  3. Go to Profile, scroll down and click on Authentication tokens
  4. In the App Id field, type released and click Add. Ensure this is case-sensitive and entered without extra characters. Incorrect input will result in an error. 

  5. Once successful, an authentication token is generated. You'll need both the Agency custom domain and the RELEASED token


Connecting to Fixflo in Re-Leased 

  1. Login to Re-Leased, navigate to the Settings menu and click Manage Add-ons and Integrations.
  2. Click Enable beneath the Fixflo icon
  3. Provide the required credentials from Fixflo into the corresponding fields in Re-Leased. 
  4. Select a user to manage the Fixflo integration; they will be notified of any sync issues via email. 
  5. Choose the correct account type - Standard or Plus to reflect your subscription, which influences how tasks are handled in Re-Leased. 
  6. If desired, enable email notifications for the Fixflo Manager when new maintenance is created. 
  7. Optionally, set Re-Leased to automatically export properties to Fixflo that don't currently exist there. 
  8. Click Save to finalize the setup. 

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Fixflo Standard 

A standard subscription to Fixflo provides you with limited capability for processing reported issues, so it is likely most users will use Re-Leased for processing tasks.  Once a maintenance task has been created in Re-Leased you will have full access to all features of the Re-Leased maintenance workflow.  Any images attached to the reported issue, as well as the auto-generated job report sheet from Fixflo, will be attached to the task created in Re-Leased.  

Fixflo Plus 

A plus subscription to Fixflo provides you with the extended suite of functionality so issues are likely to be processed in Re-Leased.  Fixflo issues can be recorded in Re-Leased for reference and reporting purposes only, so you will have read-only ability for all tasks that are created from a Fixflo Plus account.  You can easily access the Fixflo issue from within the Re-Leased task by clicking the link provided.  If an issue is closed in Fixflo, the Re-Leased task will also be closed during the next sync. 

Managing Fixflo Integration Options 

Once the integration is established, you will have access to various options: 

  • Disable Fixflo: Disconnects your integration. 
  • Update Fixflo Credentials: Modify current integration settings. 
  • View/Hide History: Check previous sync details and manually sync maintenance issues or properties. 
  • Find and Match Properties: Manually link unmatched properties from Fixflo with Re-Leased. 
  • Sync Maintenance and Properties: Occurs on a regular basis but can be synced manually by clicking Sync Maintenance Issues. Only issues will be included in this sync.  


Ensuring Successful Property Matching 

For a smooth syncing process, ensure property addresses match exactly in both systems to enable automatic matching. In instances where a property cannot be matched, the Fixflo Manager will be notified to address any discrepancies before the next sync. Any properties from Fixflo that cannot be automatically matched to a Re-Leased property will be listed on the Unmatched tab. To manually make a match, click the [ ? ]  icon or Find and Match

By connecting Fixflo with Re-Leased, you'll streamline the handling of maintenance issues, leverage the strengths of both platforms, and maintain robust records for your properties, all while enjoying a simpler, more efficient workflow. 

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