Self-Managed Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Recovery

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We are delighted to introduce the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) recovery process, aimed at providing our users with a streamlined and independent approach to account security in Re-Leased. With this feature, users with Administrator access have the ability to promptly reset 2FA for themselves or other users within their Re-Leased account, without the need to contact our customer support team. This article guides you through the self-service 2FA recovery procedure, ensuring you have the knowledge to manage your account securely and efficiently.

Starting the Self-Managed 2FA Recovery Process

If a device with the configured 2FA method or the recovery codes have been misplaced, an Administrator can now manage the 2FA recovery with the following steps:

  1. Log into Re-Leased, navigate to the Settings menu and select Users under the Company & Users section.
  2. Find the user who needs the 2FA reset.
  3. Click on the reset now link located adjacent to the user's name.

After the reset is initiated, an email will be dispatched to the affected user containing a unique reset link. This link will remain active for the standard duration of 30 minutes, allowing the user to securely re-establish their 2FA setup.

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What to Expect After Triggering the Reset

Once the reset now action is clicked:

  • An automated email will be sent to the user's registered email address with a reset link.
  • The user must access the link within the 30-minute window for it to be effective.
  • The user will follow the prompts to set up their new 2FA preference.

This functionality not only streamlines the recovery process but also reinforces the security of your account by minimizing downtime and potential support engagement for 2FA issues.

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