Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Guide and FAQ

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This article provides a step-by-step guide on activating and managing Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on your Re-Leased account. In the digital world, 2FA acts as a critical second layer of defence for online accounts, significantly reducing the risks associated with unauthorized access. Follow these instructions to enhance the security of your property management systems with this essential feature.

Why 2FA is Essential for Your Account's Safety

Having a strong password is important, but it's no longer enough. Two-Factor Authentication ensures you combine 'something you know' (like a password) with 'something you have' (such as a smartphone or a hardware token), delivering a powerful punch against would-be cyberattacks.

Activating 2FA on Your Re-Leased Account

Activating 2FA on your Re-Leased account is a simple process that offers substantial benefits in securing your data:

  1. Log in to your Re-Leased account and navigate to Account Settings.
  2. Look for the Two-Factor Authentication section.

Options for Two-Factor Authentication

Re-Leased supports two efficient methods of 2FA:

  • Authenticator App
  • Physical Security Token (such as YubiKey)

Generating and Storing Recovery Codes

Be sure to generate and save your recovery codes in a safe place when you set up 2FA. These codes are crucial for accessing your account if your 2FA device is lost or unavailable.

Administrator Best Practices for 2FA

It is an administrator's responsibility to ensure that every team member has 2FA enabled. This adds a vital layer of security across your team's accounts:

  1. Access app settings to enable mandatory 2FA for all users.
  2. Direct users to set up their 2FA method at their next log-in.

Maintaining Access and Managing Recovery Options

If your 2FA device changes, or if there's a need to reset your 2FA options, administrators can manage these updates from within Re-Leased. Also, remember to regenerate and safely store your recovery codes if you've used them.

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