Inviting a New User

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This article will guide you through setting up new users with the access they need to start using Re-Leased. Let's walk through the process to ensure you can confidently add new users without any hitches.

Starting the Invitation Process

To get started with inviting a new user to your Re-Leased account, you'll want to navigate to the correct area within the software. Here's how:

  1. Click on Users located under the Settings menu.
  2. Press the +Invite a New User button to begin the invitation process.

Filling Out User Details

With the invitation form open, you'll need to provide specific details about the new user. The following information is required:

  1. Email Address: Enter the new user's email, which will also serve as their login credential.
  2. User First Name: This field is mandatory, so make sure to include the first name of the person you're inviting.
  3. User Last Name: Like the first name, the last name is also a mandatory field.
  4. User Role (Permissions): Choose the appropriate level of access the new user should have within Re-Leased.
  5. Email Subject: This is pre-filled but can be customized to better suit the invitation.
  6. Email Body: Pre-filled just like the subject, but editable to add a personal touch or necessary details. Utilize the quick links provided to insert company-specific information.

After confirming the details, click Send to issue the invitation.

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