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This article provides guidance on how access to different Companies within Re-Leased is organized and what those access levels mean for your user experience. We understand that permissions can sometimes be confusing, so we'll break down the specifics of what you can see based on your user access and how to manage it. 

User Access and Visibility in Re-Leased 

When you log into Re-Leased, the companies to which you have access are displayed in the top left corner of the platform. In the context of Re-Leased, a Company is considered the highest tier in the account hierarchy and typically represents the organization that owns the Properties managed within the system. 

What Determines Company Visibility? 

Your viewing options within Re-Leased are determined by the level of permission granted to your user account. Here's how it works: 

  • If you can only see one Company after logging in, it means you're either permitted to access just that Company, or you might have selected a specific Company using the filters available on different pages. 
  • Properties fall under Companies and are the entities that carry Tenancies associated with them. 
  • If All Companies is displayed, you're able to view details for all the Companies registered under your account, providing a comprehensive overview across the Companies you manage or have permissions to access. 

Understanding Your Access to Companies 

In Re-Leased, companies represent the highest level in the organizational hierarchy and are typically associated with property ownership. Directly beneath the company level, you will find properties that in turn may have one or more tenancies. 

Depending on your user privileges, you might have access to either one or multiple companies. This is evident in the top left corner of the Re-Leased platform: 

  • If you see a single company name, you have access to just that entity. 
  • Seeing All Companies means you can view details across all companies you're registered with. 

How to Check Which Companies You Can See

To identify which companies you have access to: 

  1. Look at the company listing in the top left corner of your Re-Leased dashboard. 
  2. If a specific company is selected, you're viewing information for that entity alone. 

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User Privileges and Access 

User privileges determine which companies you can access. For instance, imagine three management companies within Re-Leased: ABC, XYZ, and 123. Each company owns different properties and has distinct leases: 

  1. Company ABC: Owning two properties, with one of its properties, Property 12, having two leases. 
  2. Companies XYZ and 123: Each having their own separate properties and leases. 

If your user privileges allow you to access Companies ABC and XYZ, you'll be able to see all related properties and leases. However, details pertaining to Company 123 will be restricted unless additional access is granted. 

Requesting Additional Access 

If you find your access limited and need visibility of other companies: 

  1. Speak with your Re-Leased administrator to discuss your access needs. 
  2. The admin user can navigate to the Settings menu and click on the Manage Companies option.
  3. Under the Security drop-down enter the users name in the Users That Can Access This Company box.

Remember, managing your access is crucial for keeping records organized and collaborating efficiently. If you need any help adjusting your permissions or navigating Companies in Re-Leased, do not hesitate to reach out to our support team. 

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