Budget Allocation Report for Outgoings/Service Charge

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The term "Outgoings" differs across regions. For our Asia-Pacific customers, it's often referred to "Budgeted Outgoings." European users will see it labelled as "Service Charge," while those in North America might find it listed as either "Budget Outgoings" or "Operating Expenses." The terminology used in the app adjusts based on your location. For additional clarity on regional vocabulary, please see our Glossary of Regional Terminology.

This article is your guide to creating a Budget Allocation Report for Outgoings/Service Charges. This essential report provides a detailed view of how costs are allocated amongst different areas at a schedule-level, ensuring accuracy and transparency for all parties. Whether you're looking to streamline financial tracking or clarify charge distributions, we'll help you generate and comprehend this report with ease.


Accessing the Budget Allocation Report

Firstly, let's navigate to the Budget Allocation Report:

  1. Select the Reports menu.
  2. Under the General tab, navigate to the Budgets by Area section. 
  3. From the available options, choose Budget Allocation Report.


Configuring Report Filters

Before you run the report, you'll need to set some parameters. Tailor your report by using the following filters:

  1. For the Report For filter, decide on the report's focus category.
  2. Under Property to Include, pick one or more properties to analyze.
  3. Select the budget period or version you're interested in with the For the Budget filter.


Interpreting the Report

Once your report is generated, you can expect to see:

  • Breakdown of schedules related to the selected properties or categories.
  • The allocated budget for each of these schedules.
  • Allocation percentages showing the contribution of each area to the overall budget.
  • Details of any non-recoverable amounts, alongside their respective percentages.


Screenshot of Outgoings Budget Allocation Report - Re-Leased.jpg


Armed with this report, you're well-equipped to align your financial planning with actual expenses, manage property outgoings effectively, and ensure that stakeholders have a clear picture of the financial landscape. This leads to better budgeting decisions, improved cost recovery, and enhances overall transparency.

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