Income Forecast Report

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The Income Forecast report is a useful tool that helps to anticipate the income expected from a property over a chosen period. It calculates expected rent based on all current and future leases associated with a property, offering a comprehensive snapshot of your fiscal outlook. This report can be particularly useful for budgeting, financial assessments, and strategic planning for property management and investment.


How to Access and Filter the Income Forecast Report

To generate your Income Forecast Report:

  1. Navigate to the General section under the Reports tab. 
  2. Select the Income Forecast Report option.


To tailor the report to your specific needs, apply the following filters:

  • Reports For: Choose the company for which you want to generate the report.
  • End date: Pick the date until which you want to see income projections. Choose lease end dates within this period.
  • Properties to Include: Select individual properties or opt to include all properties in the report.
  • Type of Property: Filter by property types to include, or select all types for a broader overview.


Generating the Report

Once you have set the desired filters:

  1. Click the Generate Report on Screen button.
  2. Review the report on your screen to analyze the expected income.
  3. Or export it via Download CSV or Print as PDF as preferred.



The generated report will display the forecasted income for your selected properties, for the timeframe you've specified. It's a convenient way to visualize and understand the economic trajectory of your property investments.

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