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For our Asia-Pacific customers, the term "Trust Account" is used, while European customers refer to it as "Client Account". It's important to mention that the Client/Trust Accounting functionality does not apply to customers in North America. For further information on regional terms, check out our Glossary of Regional Terminology.

This article serves as a guide to effectively generate and utilize the Financial Details Report. This report outlines income and expenditure for selected time frames, categorically arranged according to the Chart of Account associated with each invoice. For users needing a comprehensive transaction breakdown, the Financial Details Report complements the Financial Summary Report and offers the convenience of simultaneously emailing multiple owners. Let's dive in and streamline your reporting process.


Accessing the Report

To initiate the Financial Details Report:

  1. Go to the Reports section.
  2. Select the Client/Trust Accounting header from the Reports menu.
  3. Click on the Financial Details Report. 


Filtering the Report

Next, set up your report parameters with these steps:

  1. Choose the Company for which you want to run the report.
  2. Select the relevant Bank Account.
  3. Define the Date Range for the report period.
  4. If necessary, tick the Date Override box and choose to Include Archived Ledgers.
  5. Under Owners to Include, select either all or specific owners.
  6. Opt for a specific Chart of Account or leave the selection blank to include all.



Generating the Report

Once your parameters are set, you have three (3) options for generating:

  • Generate Report on Screen: View the report immediately in your browser.
  • Download: Save the report as a file on your computer.
  • Email Report: Dispatch the report directly to the selected owners' email addresses.

Note: Before emailing, it's advised to review the reports for accuracy. If running the report for more than 30 owners, the screen generation and download options will be inactive, and the report must be emailed.



Understanding Report Options and Warnings

Date Override and Archived Ledgers

  • Selecting Date Override may result in a warning about mismatched dates not aligning with your close of period or statement dates. To correlate reports, utilize the month selector for precision.
  • Including Archived Ledgers is optional, allowing you to access historical data that might not be currently active.

Chart of Account Selection

If a specific Chart of Account is chosen, your report will filter to only display transactions with that code. Otherwise, all financial activity will be showcased. Clicking any invoice number inside the report lets you access and potentially adjust the Chart of Account applied.


Emailing the Report

When the Email option is engaged, the selected owners will receive their Financial Details Report grouped into a single PDF document encompassing all their properties.

Customize an email template in the Correspondence templates section to personalize the emails sent with the reports.

Following the dispatch, any emails that fail to send will be compiled for download, ensuring no owner is left without their report.


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