Removing Calendar Items from the Dashboard

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If your regional location is North America, you might notice different terms and buttons in your Re-Leased platform: 'Tenancies' are known as 'Leases' and 'Terms & Breaks' are referred to as 'Terms & Options'. In this article, we will use the terms 'Tenancies' and 'Terms & Breaks'. For clarification on regional terminology, take a peek at our Glossary of Regional Terminology.


This article outlines how to remove items from your Calendar, ensuring your to-do list stays up to date and clutter-free. Whether you have rent due dates, term expiries, maintenance inspections, or other reminders set up, we'll guide you through managing these calendar events effectively.


Removing Rent Due and Final Rent Notices

To clear Rent Due or Final Rent Due items from your calendar, perform a reconciliation for the corresponding invoice:

  1. Go to the invoice associated with the rent due event.
  2. Reconcile any funds received against this invoice.
  3. Once the payment matches the invoice amount, the calendar event will automatically update as completed.


Updating Term Expiry Warnings

Term Expiry warnings are linked to the tenancy agreements. To address these alerts:

  1. Navigate to the Terms & Breaks tab within the Tenancy.
  2. Options are available to extend, renew, or create a Rolling Term for the tenancy.
  3. If the tenancy is ending, proceed to cancel the term.
  4. Updating the tenancy term will remove the expiry warning from your calendar.


Completing Calendar Items

Certain calendar events such as maintenance and inspection dues, term expiries, and lease breaks can be marked as complete directly within the Calendar. Here's how:

  1. Click on the calendar event you wish to complete.
  2. Enter the Completed On Date in the provided field.
  3. Select Mark As Complete and add any additional notes if needed.
  4. Once saved, a checkmark will appear next to the completed item in the Calendar.

Note: Updating events through tasks or tenancy terms might require extra steps depending on their nature. Refer to the respective sections for detailed processes.


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By managing your calendar events efficiently, you can ensure that important tasks are completed and your schedule remains organized.

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