Managing Your Dashboard To-Do List

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Those located in Asia-Pacific and Europe will use the terms "Arrears" and "Tenants", where customers located in North America will use the terms "Delinquency" and "Leases". For the purpose of this article, we will refer to it as Arrears and Tenants. For more information on regional terminology, refer to our Glossary of Regional Terminology

This article serves as a handy reference to help you navigate and optimize the use of your Dashboard To-Do List feature. The To-Do List is an excellent tool for keeping track of pending tasks and important dates ensuring that you stay organized and on top of your workload. We'll explain how to interpret the list, prioritize tasks, and customize what you see to suit your needs. 


Interpreting the To-Do List 

Your To-Do List is directly linked to your calendar, displaying all scheduled events that are due today or are overdue. These appear immediately beside your dashboard calendar for easy access and management. 

Today's Events and Overdue Indicators 

Items that are due on the current day are prioritized at the top of your list. The items are sorted chronologically, with the oldest due events appearing lower down. Each event is marked with a color-coded indicator that corresponds to the event type, giving you an at-a-glance understanding of the event category. 

Events that are outstanding will be marked with a red bar and listed under the Overdue section at the top-right of your Dashboard home screen, signalling their urgency. Completing these tasks will automatically remove them from the Overdue List.

Completing and Customizing Event Visibility 

As you complete tasks, they will disappear from your To-Do List, decluttering your work queue and providing a sense of accomplishment. For a more streamlined view, you can also filter the types of events displayed: 

  1. Look for the checkboxes underneath the calendar to view different event types. 
  2. Uncheck the box next to any event type you would like to hide from the To-Do List. 


Event Types Explained 

Understanding the different types of events on your Dashboard To-Do List will help you manage your tasks more effectively. Here's a breakdown of common event types: 

  • Events Due Today: Items that need to be addressed during the current business day. 
  • Overdue Events: Tasks that have passed their expected completion date. 
  • Arrears/Delinquency Hub: Displaying outstanding payments or unresolved tenant arrears. 
  • Late Fees Hub: Showing any late fee accruals that might need to be processed. 
  • Maintenance Hub: Summary of pending maintenance requests and work orders. 
  • Inspections Hub: Inspection schedules and reports that require attention. 
  • Reminders Hub: General reminders set for various tasks or follow-ups. 
  • Insurance Hub: Information related to insurance policies and renewals. 

It's worth noting that you can toggle the visibility of each event type in the calendar, allowing you to focus on the events that are most pertinent to your work at any given time. 

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