Utilizing Analytics Charts

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Analytics charts in Re-Leased offer powerful insights through visual representations of key data, tailored to your unique business needs. This personalized dashboard feature helps you monitor performance, understand trends, and make informed decisions based on the insights derived from your company’s specific metrics. Below, we’ll guide you on how to add and customize these analytics charts for your personal dashboard within Re-Leased.


Accessing My Analytics

To explore your analytic capabilities, simply click on the My Analytics link on the Re-Leased dashboard. Here, you'll be able to customize the analytics, or charts, to run specific data visualizations for your companies or properties. It's important to note that these analytics are private to your login and will remain on your My Analytics page until you choose to remove them.


Adding an Analytic Chart

To enrich your My Analytics page with new insights:

  1. Click on the Add Chart dropdown menu to reveal the chart options available.
  2. Select your desired chart to add it to the page. Each type of chart offers its own parameters and display options.

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Chart Customization Options

Standard Settings

Every chart offers standard customization settings to enhance its usefulness:

  • Subtitle: Add a secondary line of text under the chart’s title for additional context.
  • Full Width Chart: Choose whether your chart takes up a full width of the page, or if it should be displayed alongside another chart.
  • Chart Display Order: Organize the sequence in which the charts appear on your page according to your preference or relevance.


Custom Settings

Additionally, each chart comes with its own set of customizable features that may include, but are not limited to:

  • The selection of companies or properties to feature within the chart.
  • The ability to specify date ranges for the data to be analyzed and displayed.

For detailed custom settings, refer to the options presented with each specific chart.

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Downloading Analytics Results

Once you've tailored the analytics chart to your liking, you have the option to print or download the visualization. Simply view your chart and click on the three-dot icon located in the top right corner to access these functions. You can download the chart as an image in various formats such as JPEG, PNG, PDF, or SVG for easy sharing and reporting.




With these tools at your disposal, Analytics Charts become an indispensable part of your business intelligence strategy, enabling efficient analysis and impactful decision-making in Re-Leased.

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