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Some terms and features might vary based on your region. For example, "Tenancies" in North America is known as "Leases", and "Service Charge Budgets" outside the UK are referred to as "Outgoings Budgets". For the UK audience "Client Accounting" is the standard term, while globally it's known as "Trust Accounting". For clarification on regional terminology, kindly refer to our Glossary of Regional Terminology.

Welcome to the comprehensive guide to the Re-Leased Discover Webinar Library. Our webinars are designed to enhance your understanding and usage of Re-Leased software, no matter where you are in the world. With on-demand access to a wide range of webinar topics, we aim to provide you with valuable insights and tips to leverage the full potential of Re-Leased in your property management tasks. 

Webinar Topics and Navigation 

Our library covers various aspects of Re-Leased software, segmented into intuitive categories for ease of learning: 


General Navigation 

  • Logging into Re-Leased 
  • Navigating the system interface 
  • Managing your Calendar Dashboard 
  • Configuring User Settings 
  • Managing your To-Do List 



  • Viewing Properties 
  • Accessing the Property Index 
  • Creating a new property

Frequently Asked Questions on General Navigation & Properties 



  • Tenancy management overview 
  • Reviewing Tenancies 
  • Setting Rent Reviews 
  • Creating a Commercial Tenant

Maintenance & Inspections 

  • Using the Maintenance Hub 
  • Managing Quotes and Work Orders 
  • Navigating the Inspections Hub 
  • Setting Inspection Notice Rules 
  • Utilizing the Reminders Hub 

Frequently Asked Questions on Maintenance & Inspections & Tenancies


Customizing Re-Leased to Suit Your Needs 

Learn how to tailor Re-Leased for your business, from adjusting settings to utilizing add-ons and templates: 


  • Personalizing General Settings 
  • Configuring Accounting Settings 
  • Exploring Add Ons & Integrations 


  • Creating Communications Templates 
  • Defining Arrears and Inspection Rules 
  • Setting Client Accounting Preferences 

Frequently Asked Questions on Settings

Outgoings/Service Charge Budgets 

  • Understanding, modifying, and reconciling your budgets are crucial aspects of property management: 
  • Creating & Approving Budgets 
  • Setting up and Approving Budgets 
  • Managing Tenancy Concessions 
  • Common Scenarios for Budget Management 

Frequently Asked Questions on Creating & Approving Budgets 

Modifying Budgets 

  • Adjusting Your Budget Mid-Year 
  • Incorporating Income and Expenses 
  • Generating Budget Reports 

Frequently Asked Questions on Modifying Budgets 

Outgoings/Service Charge Budget Guide

Reconciling Budgets 

  • Reconciling Your Outgoings/Service Charge Budgets 
  • Utilizing Accruals and Prepayments 
  • Locking the Budget for Accuracy 

By exploring these webinars, you'll gain the skills and knowledge required to effectively manage your properties with confidence using Re-Leased. Take advantage of the on-demand format to enhance your learning experience at your own pace. 

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