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Please note, for our Asia-Pacific users, certain terminologies will differ from other regions. For instance, 'Tenancies' are referred to as 'Leases' in North America, and 'Outgoings' are known as 'Service Charges' in the UK. For further clarification on regional terminology, please consult our Glossary of Regional Terminology


Need help with Re-Leased? Discover solutions to some of our users’ most common questions regarding user access, security measures, billing inquiries, search functionalities, templates, and communication tools within Re-Leased. This article is designed to assist with navigating and resolving these frequently encountered issues. 

User Login Troubleshooting 

Password Reset 

If you require a password reset, please ensure you have access to the associated email address with your Re-Leased account. Follow these steps to reset your password: 

  1. Visit the Re-Leased Sign In Page and select Lost Your Password? 
  2. Provide your email address and select Reset My Password

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Locked User: Unable to Log In 

After five unsuccessful attempts to sign in with an incorrect password, Re-Leased will lock the user account for security reasons. Users with Administrator rights within the same organization can unlock a locked account by following these steps: 

  1. Navigate to Settings and then Users. 
  2. Locate the locked user and select the Email icon. 
  3. Confirm the user’s Email Address and optionally add a message in the Email Body. 
  4. Click on Send to dispatch the reset instructions. 

Note: The Re-Leased Support team is only able to unlock accounts for organizations with a single user. 

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Security and Billing Insights 

Understanding Re-Leased Security with Microsoft Azure 

Re-Leased utilizes the Microsoft Azure cloud platform for robust security and data protection. Using Azure's global data centers, data is replicated in real time across multiple locations for fault tolerance and redundancy. The platform's design includes multiple layers of security, such as cryptographic protection, software security patch management, and network segmentation.  See Microsoft Azure Security Overview for a full technical overview of the Azure hosting platform security features. 

Addressing Maximum Tenancies Reached 

Your Re-Leased subscription tier is based on the number of active leases/tenancies. An active lease/tenancy includes those with a status of Current, Future, or Expired. To manage your subscription: 

  1. Go to Leases/Tenancies to view your active lease/tenancy count. 
  2. Take action on any expired leases/tenancies that can be cancelled, vacated, or archived to adjust your active lease/tenancy count if necessary. 


Working with Properties and Leases/Tenancies Procedures 

How to Record Lease/Tenancy Insurance 

Insurance policies are entered on the related property record and can be associated with either the owner or the tenant. There are two methods to record tenancy insurance: 

  1. Create a Lease/Tenancy Insurance type followed by entering the new policy details. 
  2. List the Lease/Tenancy Contact as an Insurance Broker on the new insurance policy. 
  3. Both methods require an entry of detailed insurance information such as the policy number, renewal dates, premium, excess, cover amount, and responsible member. 

Can I Move a Property to a Different Company? 

Properties cannot be directly transferred between companies. It's necessary to set up the property again with the new company details, including any related tenancies and tasks. The original property record may be archived if desired. 

Logo, Templates, and Communication Guidelines 

Logo and Banner Size Requirements 

For logo and banner uploads, they will be automatically resized to fit the designated area: 

  • Logo: Recommended ratio is 1:1 (e.g., square). 
  • Banner: Recommended size is 1000x150 pixels. 
  • Landlord Portal Logo: Recommended size is 1000x200 pixels. 

Setting Up Automatic Emailing of Rent Invoices 

To automate the emailing of rent invoices to lease/tenancy contacts, enable the Invoice Generator within your company settings and approve the feature. This allows for a seamless process in managing rent invoices communications. 


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