Interacting with the Re-Leased Development Roadmap

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Welcome to your go-to guide on how to view, understand, and provide valuable feedback on the Re-Leased Development Roadmap. Your insights are crucial for us to enhance our product and tailor it to your needs. Let's dive into how you can access the roadmap, interpret its stages, and contribute your ideas! 

How to Access the Re-Leased Roadmap 

Staying current with our upcoming features and improvements is effortless: 

You can click here to visit our Roadmap at your convenience. 

Alternatively, if you're already signed in to Re-Leased, simply click the Question Mark icon in the top right-hand corner of any page and select the Re-Leased Roadmap button. 


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Understanding the Roadmap's Stages 

The development journey of our features is neatly categorized into five stages, which you'll find across the top menu bar of the Roadmap: 


This is where we gather user-feedback to gauge the importance and general interest in potential features, helping us decide the direction for development resources. 

Coming Next 

Features we've validated and planned for future development typically make an appearance here—look out for them to begin development usually within six months. 

In Development 

This is the thrilling stage where our development wizards are hard at work turning ideas into reality. 

Beta Testing 

After the development spell is cast, we enter the testing phase with a select group of users to ensure everything operates smoothly. 


Success! The features have been polished, perfected, and delivered for all Re-Leased users to enjoy. 

How to Provide Your Feedback 

Your thoughts and feedback are crucial for our growth. Here's how you can get involved: 

  • Interact with any feature card on our Roadmap by clicking on it. 
  • Share how vital the feature is to you and your reasons for it. 
  • Your feedback will directly influence our design process, and we will provide updates as your chosen feature moves through development stages. 

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Got an Idea? We're All Ears! 

If there's something you think we are missing, or you have an excellent suggestion for how we can improve, don't hesitate to: 

  • Click the Submit Idea button, conveniently located in the top right corner of the Roadmap page. 
  • Share your thoughts and rest assured, every piece of feedback is reviewed by our Product Team and considered in our planning. 

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We believe in co-creating value with our users. Your input is a gift that keeps giving, not just to us, but to the entire Re-Leased user community. Now it's time to make your voice heard! 

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