How to resolve common QuickBooks Online sync errors

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This article provides ways to resolve common sync error messages encountered when using the Re-Leased with QuickBooks Online. We'll identify potential causes and provide clear steps to correct these issues, ensuring your accounting data remains accurate and consistent.


Sync Error Message Potential cause and how to fix
Invoice uses a description line. This feature is not currently supported by Released

Invoice/bill has a line item in QuickBooks without an amount specified. This line needs to be removed from the invoice/bill in Quickbooks.

Bill is using multi-currency. This feature is not currently supported by Released Multi-currency is not supported in Re-Leased. The customer/supplier and any associated invoices/bills need to be unlinked.
Re-Leased does not currently support more than one email address The contact needs to be updated in QuickBooks to only have one email address.
Invoice uses discounts. This feature is not currently supported by Released Go to invoice in QuickBooks and remove the discount - use a negative line item in place of discount.
'Payment Date Etc.' must not be a future date The payment made in QuickBooks has a date that is in the future and needs to be changed to the present or past date. You can also ignore this error and once the payment date has passed, the payment will sync to Re-Leased.
'Unit Amount' must not have more than 2 decimal places. 5 decimal places were found. Invoice in QuickBooks needs to be edited so there are only 2 decimal places on the line item(s) specified.
Payment is linked to invoice(s) that cannot be found in Re-Leased. There is likely an error on the linked invoice(s) preventing the invoice from syncing to RL. Search for the linked invoice IDs in the Re-Leased error screen to find out why they can't be synced to Re-Leased. Once the QuickBooks invoice is fixed and synced to Re-Leased, the payment will sync.
'Amount' is greater than what is payable on the invoice This can happen if a payment was made in Re-Leased and QuickBooks before a sync has occurred. To resolve, check the invoice in QuickBooks and remove or edit the payment against it to ensure the invoice isn’t overpaid.
Payment has linked transaction(s) of type(s) 'Journal Entry' and is not currently supported by Released

Journal Entries don’t sync from QuickBooks to RL - this will need to be unlinked.

Payment can then be added to the bill or invoice in RL and won’t sync to QuickBooks as it’s already been paid in QuickBooks.

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