How to resolve common Xero sync errors

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This article provides a troubleshooting guide for resolving common sync issues encountered between Re-Leased  and Xero. If you're facing errors during the syncing process, understanding the potential causes and solutions will empower you to rectify them swiftly, ensuring a seamless integration of your financial data.


Sync Error Message Potential cause and how to fix
Account code has been archived or deleted

Cause of the error
This error is the result of an Invoice being sent to Xero with an Account Code that is not valid.

The Account Code may have been archived in Xero after an Invoice was created in Re-Leased that used the Account. The Invoice is now being synced with Xero and Xero will not accept it with the invalid account code.


How to resolve

  • Update the Invoice in Re-Leased so that it uses a valid Account in Xero
  • Void the invoice in Re-Leased
  • Add the Account to Xero to allow it to be synced with Re-Leased and the Invoice to be updated with the account code, which is now valid. Once the invoice is approved it will then sync successfully with Xero
  • Unlink from the Sync Results Page if the changes that were made and/or the invoice is not required to be in Xero

Account code has been archived or deleted

Account code is not a valid code for this document

The Tax Type Code cannot be used with account code

Cause of the error
The Account/Tax has been archived in Xero, or does not exist if the Account/Tax was archived in Re-Leased during the onboarding process


How to resolve
The invoice will be reset back to Draft where it can be edited. You must either:

  • Update the Invoice/Credit Note in Re-Leased to use a valid Account/Tax in Xero
  • Unarchive the Account/Tax in Xero to allow the Invoice/Credit Note to be sent
  • Void the Invoice/Credit Note in Re-Leased so that it is no longer required to sync to Xero
  • Unlink the Invoice/Credit Note from the Sync Results Page to ignore the changes being synced to Xero
The contact with the specified contact details has been archived. The contact must be un-archived before creating new invoices or credit notes.

Cause of the error

This could have happened by either archiving or merging the contact in Xero.  If the contact was merged there will be a current version of them available to connect the Re-Leased tenancy to.


How to resolve

Search the tenancy mentioned in the message, then go to Tenancy Details on the left menu. Clear out the name against the Xero Invoice contact and re-type it so that it matches the current version of this contact.

This allocation is linked with transactions that cannot be found within Re-Leased

Cause of the error

A credit note has been created with an issue date set before the sync date


How to resolve

Note for this fix to work, the invoice must be fully paid

  1. Find the invoice which the failing allocation relates in Re-Leased
  2. Make a payment on the invoice in Re-Leased with a value equal to the allocation
  3. Run a sync
  4. Go to the Sync Results page
    1. Unlink the new failing outgoing payment 
    2. Unlink the failing incoming allocation

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