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Re-Leased FastTrack online onboarding makes customer onboarding quick, easy and effortless. All you need to do is to connect your accounting system and upload your lease documents, and we’ll deal with the rest. Our trained implementation team will get you live at the end of the first call.


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  1. Getting started
  2. Connect your accounting system
  3. Add additional companies
  4. Upload lease documents
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Please note: To start the FastTrack online onboarding process, you will need to have your login credentials for your accounting system and your lease documents to hand to be uploaded.


1. Getting started

Sign in to and enter your email address.

Approval sign in.png

You will receive a one-time verification code to your email from Re-Leased Onboarding. Click the Sign into Re-Leased Onboarding link provided in your email to complete the sign in process.

verification code.png

2. Connect your accounting system

Once you are logged in, the first step is to connect your accounting system. Click Connect to QBO/Xero button, and specify how much historical data you would like to sync into Re-Leased in the next screen.

You can do this by selecting the initial date from which you want the synchronization process to begin. Click Authenticate with QBO/Xero to start syncing. Typically, customers choose a year’s worth of data, or align the timeframe to a financial year.

sync dates.png

You’ll be asked to sign into your accounting system with your Xero/QBO login details and confirm to allow data to be synced between your accounting system and Re-Leased.



Disconnecting a company

To disconnect a company at any stage, simply click the three-dot symbol at the end of the company row and select Disconnect Company.



3. Add additional companies

For Xero customers

On Your companies screen, click +Add company to connect more companies. This will take you back to an Xero approval screen where you can select another company from a drop-down menu. Click Continue with 1 organisation.

add company 2.png

For QuickBooks Online customers

To add more companies, click +Add company. This allows you to connect more companies by choosing them from the Quickbooks Online drop-down list or through a connection screen below depending on your QuickBooks Online country settings. If using the below option, click Connect to connect additional companies.

add company 1.png


Manually adding companies

To manually add companies, click the drop-down arrow in the +Add company and select Add company manually. This will open a pop-up screen where you can name your company. Once finished, click Add company.

add manually.png

4. Upload lease documents

To associate the appropriate lease documents with the correct company, click on the company name or the three-dot symbol at the end of each company row, and then select Add Leases.

add leases.png

Drag and drop or select all relevant lease documents from your device in the drag and drop area. You’ll find all uploaded files under the ‘Leases Uploaded’ section on this page. The green pill on the top right-hand corner of the page tells you how many lease documents you have added in total.

To delete any files, simply click the rubbish bin symbol at the end of each document row.

uploaded leases.png

Once you have finished uploading your documents for this company, click Back to companies and you’ll automatically be taken back to Your Companies screen.  

Lease upload status

Once you have added at least one file in your company, the company status changes from a yellow ‘Action Required: Add leases’ to a green ‘Leases added:(the number of documents you've added)’.

You can keep adding more lease documents under each company as long as you haven’t submitted all your companies to Re-Leased for review.

my companies.png

Once you have finished uploading all your lease documents under each connected company, click Submit for review. This will open a new confirmation pop-up screen where you can either go back and make more changes to your submission by clicking No👎, or approve your submission by clicking Yes👍


submit for review.png



Q. I’m a Xero customer and have 80 tenancies, can I use Re-Leased FastTrack onboarding?
Eo_circle_green_checkmark.svg.png Yes, customers with less than 100 tenancies that have already set up accounts with Xero and QuickbooksOnline are suitable for FastTrack onboarding.

Q. How much time do I need to dedicate?
Eo_circle_green_checkmark.svg.png The online registration form and Online FastTrack process should only take 10 minutes of your time. We do all the background data loading work at our end. All that is left for you to do is to attend training sessions included in your implementation fee. Easy!

Q. What format do the lease documents need to be?
Eo_circle_green_checkmark.svg.png They can be pdf, png, jpg or docx. 

Q. What if I don’t have all my lease documents on hand?
Eo_circle_green_checkmark.svg.png You can keep on adding more lease documents under your companies as long as you haven’t submitted your full Online FastTrack onboarding to Re-Leased for review. If you have already submitted your companies for review but have additional companies or leases to add, please let your account manager know via email.

Q. How do I choose my sync date?
Eo_circle_green_checkmark.svg.png Use the calendar date picker in the Select historical date sync screen. You can scroll back days, months and years to get back to the first day of the data sync quicker. 

Q. What happens after I click Submit to Re-Leased for review?
Eo_circle_green_checkmark.svg.png Our trained implementation team will get in touch with you to arrange your first implementation call.

Q. What happens on the training calls?
Eo_circle_green_checkmark.svg.png There are four training calls over a 10-day period with different topics being covered. The aim of these calls is to ensure you are set up for success.

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