Processing and receiving funds from Re-Leased Pay

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Credit/debit Card payout schedule

When first using Re-Leased Pay, it could take up to 7 calendar days after a payment for the funds to be processed securely by Stripe and paid out into the nominated bank account. After the first payout, the standard turnaround time for subsequent payouts from date of payment is as follows. 


Country Payout Schedule
Australia 2 business days
New Zealand 4 business days
United Kingdom 7 calendar days
Ireland 7 calendar days
United States 2 business days
Canada 7 business days


Direct Debit processing and payout schedule

If a tenant pays with Direct Debit, the payment has two separate processing timeframes. The first is to be processed securely by Stripe. Once the payment has been processed it will follow the payout schedule to be paid out to the nominated bank account.


Country Direct Debit Type Processing Timeframe Payout Schedule
Australia BECS Direct Debit Up to 4 business days Up to 2 business days
United Kingdom & Ireland Bacs Direct Debit Up to 4 business days Up to 2 business days
United States ACH Up to 4 business days Up to 3 business days
Canada Pre-Authorised Debit Up to 5 business days Up to 7 business days
Once the payout schedule is in effect, you will receive payouts daily if money has been processed. The payout from Re-Leased Pay may include multiple payments for different invoices.

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