Outlook Email Integration with Re-Leased

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This feature allows you to connect your Outlook account, manage email interactions within Re-Leased, and more.

This is an exclusive opportunity for Re-Leased users who utilize Microsoft Outlook for their email needs. We are planning future integration for Google and other services, so stay tuned for updates.

Here's What You Need to Know

Our integration with Microsoft Outlook includes several capabilities designed to streamline your property management communications:

  • Connect and Disconnect your individual Outlook account in Re-Leased—Synchronize only the emails exchanged with existing Re-Leased contacts. Keep in mind that emails are not stored permanently in Re-Leased, so disconnecting will remove them.
  • View emails in Re-Leased—Enjoy conversation views and email threads linked to specific Re-Leased contacts, making it easier to review past communications.
  • Collaborative Account View Settings—See email conversations that other property managers have had with shared contacts, provided their accounts are connected, and they have made their emails visible in their settings. 
  • Enhanced Email Search—Find important emails quickly with the ability to search by keywords, subjects, and more.

Getting Started with the Outlook Integration

How to Connect Your Outlook Account:

  1. Navigate to My Account Settings from the main menu.
  2. Select Connected Accounts 
  3. Choose Connect to initiate the Microsoft Authentication flow.
  4. Provide your Outlook email address.
  5. Input your Outlook password.
  6. Upon successful authentication, you'll be directed back to the User Settings to confirm the connection status
  7. Set your Visibility Settings allowing other colleagues to view your interactions with shared Contacts 

onboarding and visibility 1.gif

You can select Disconnect at any time from the View details button to remove emails from Re-Leased

Visibility Settings

This is a feature exclusively available for Re-Leased customers on the Pro Package. Visibility Settings allows other colleagues to view your interactions with shared Contacts and vice versa, enabling a collaborative view between colleagues and allowing anyone to pick up a thread in the absence of another. This can be configured from the View details button on the Outlook email connection tile. 

How to View Emails in Re-Leased:

  1. Navigate to Tenancies or a specific Contact,
  2. Select the Emails tab.
  3. Identify messages by the Property Manager's Outlook account name or select a different account from the dropdown menu to view their emails (if they have connected and their accounts are visible)
  4. Use the search box to find specific email content.
  5. Flick between your Inbox view or Sent Mailbox view

Tenancy Email list view 1.gif

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