Managing Your QuickBooks Online Sync Results

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Our QuickBooks Online integration is a useful tool to keep your accounting in sync with the rest of your operations. Upon completing a sync between Re-Leased and QuickBooks Online, the system uses color-coded flags to instantly communicate the sync status. This article provides a comprehensive breakdown of these flags and how to manage your sync results efficiently, so let's delve into the details.


Understanding the Sync Status Flags

After initiating a sync, look out for the status flag beside the search bar, which signals the result:

  • blue flag means the sync was successful, with no errors to report.
  • An orange flag indicates the sync is still underway but an error has been identified.
  • red flag reveals that the sync is completed, however, there are issues that require your attention.

To get an overview of your sync results, click on the flag. To dive deeper, select View Sync Results at the top of the dropdown menu to open the sync results page.

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Navigating the Sync Results Page

On the sync results page, you have multiple tools at your disposal:

Filters and Selectors

  1. Company Selector: Choose the company whose results you wish to see. This option can also be accessed from the Contextual Menu […].
  2. Date Filter: Select a date to display sync results from that day forward. It defaults to your last successful sync date.
  3. Status Filter: This lets you filter linked, unlinked, or all records based on their sync status.
  4. Entity Filter: Focus on specific record types such as Contacts or Invoices.
  5. Search Filter: Search for particular results by matching against ID or detail columns.
  6. Refresh Results: Update the results if a sync is currently ongoing.
  7. Sync Button: Manually initiate another sync process.
  8. Row Selector: Select multiple rows for bulk actions or manage individual rows. This feature is intertwined with relinking and unlinking records.

Managing Record Links

Relinking and unlinking records becomes a breeze:

  • Choose the row(s) you wish to link or unlink, then click the appropriate action at the bottom of the screen.
  • Remember, unlinked records are excluded in subsequent syncs but can be relinked when needed.
  • Caution: Unlinking may have cascading effects on related records.


Understanding the Results Table

The results table provides in-depth information about each record:

  • Date: Indicates the last sync attempt for the record.
  • Type: Shows the entity type from Re-Leased.
  • Re-Leased ID: Displays clickable IDs for existing Re-Leased records.
  • External ID: Lists clickable IDs for records in QuickBooks Online.
  • Sync Direction: Denotes whether the sync issue was outgoing or incoming.
      • Outgoing = From Re-Leased to QuickBooks Online
      • Incoming = From QuickBooks Online to Re-Leased
  • Details: Gives reasons for sync failures with an option for more information.
  • Link Status: Indicates if the record is currently linked.
  • More Detail: The arrow expands to reveal additional information on sync failures.
  • Pages: There may be more than 1 page of results, use the arrows to navigate between pages.
  • Rows per page: You can adjust how many rows you are viewing. Choose between 25, 50, 100 or all.

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Note: Some functionalities discussed in this article may require administrative access. If you do not have access to the pages or features mentioned, please contact your system administrator.


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