Performing a Sync Between Oracle NetSuite and Re-Leased

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This article provides guidance on performing a manual sync between Oracle NetSuite and Re-Leased. Syncing data ensures that your financial information is consistent across both platforms. Below you’ll find the necessary steps to initiate a manual sync and understand the notifications associated with the sync progress.


How to Manually Trigger a Sync

There are two primary methods to initiate a manual sync:

  1. Click on the Contextual Menu [...] next to the search bar and select Start Sync.
  2. Alternatively, visit the Sync Results Page and click on the Sync button.

Once the sync starts, a spinning circle will appear next to the search bar. By selecting this icon, a dropdown will display the entities that are currently in the process of syncing.


Understanding Sync Notification Flags

Different flags serve as notifications for the sync status:

  • blue flag indicates the sync has finished successfully without any issues.
  • An orange flag, replacing the spinning circle, means the sync is still in-progress but has encountered an error. Clicking on the orange flagged line will provide details on the error, allowing you to remedy it during the ongoing sync.
  • red flag signifies the sync has completed but there are errors that require attention.

In the event of an error, select View sync results to open the Sync Results page, where you can find a list of errors and perform necessary corrections or unlink problematic entries.

NetSuite - flag location and start sync button.png


Troubleshooting Sync Issues

Should you encounter errors during the sync process, consider the following steps:

  1. Review the details provided for each error on the Sync Results page.
  2. Make the necessary adjustments within Oracle NetSuite or Re-Leased to correct the errors.
  3. Trigger another manual sync to ensure the errors have been resolved.

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