Invoice Numbering with Oracle NetSuite

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This article explains how invoice numbering is managed in Re-Leased once integrated with Oracle NetSuite. Navigating the transition between internal and external systems can be daunting, but rest assured, we will break down the process for you to ensure a smooth and clarified understanding of invoice numbering in your day-to-day operations.


Invoice Numbering for Invoices Created in Re-Leased

  1. Initially, an invoice in Re-Leased is tagged with a Re-Leased invoice number.
  2. Upon Approval and a successful sync with Oracle NetSuite, the invoice is allocated an Oracle NetSuite invoice number.
  3. The new Oracle NetSuite number is sent back and updated in Re-Leased, where it will be prominently displayed.


Invoice Numbering for Invoices Created in Oracle NetSuite

  • Invoices begin with an Oracle NetSuite invoice number right from the start.
  • This number remains unchanged when the invoice syncs to Re-Leased.


Post-Integration: Disconnecting from Oracle NetSuite

Should you decide to disconnect from Oracle NetSuite, here's what happens to your invoice numbers:

  • The existing invoice numbers in Re-Leased, which were originally assigned by Oracle NetSuite, will switch back to Re-Leased's own numbering system.

Please note, this reversion only affects invoice numbers within Re-Leased and has no impact on the historical data in Oracle NetSuite.

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