Resolving Entity Sync Errors with QuickBooks Online

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This article shows how to resolve a common sync issue between Re-Leased and QuickBooks Online where an entity fails to sync, resulting in a Dependency has validation errors message. The goal is to help you understand the cause of the sync error and outline the process to fix it, restoring a seamless integration between the two platforms.


Understanding "Dependency has validation errors"

Encountering a Dependency has validation errors message during a data sync can be a bit confusing. This message indicates that there is an error with one or more related records that need to be rectified before a successful sync can take place. But what does this mean, and how does it affect your integration efforts between Re-Leased and QuickBooks Online? Let's dive deeper.


Entities in Re-Leased — such as Contacts, Accounts, Tax Types, Invoices, Attachments, Credit Notes, Payments, and Tracking Options — are interconnected. An entity like an Invoice, for example, will reference a Contact, Tax, Account, and Tracking information. If one of these references are missing or incorrect in either Re-Leased or QuickBooks Online, it can cause an entity to fail syncing.


For instance, let's imagine a Contact fails to sync to Re-Leased due to invalid information. Any Invoice or Credit Note associated with this Contact will fail as well, since there is a missing link required for validation. The dependency — in this case, the Contact — must be rectified before other dependent records, such as Invoices or Credit Notes, can successfully sync.


Resolution Process

  1. Copy the 'Id' of the Account/Contact/Invoice/Tax/TrackingCategory mentioned in the validation message.
  2. On the Sync Results Page, ensure Linked is selected in the filter at the top of the table.
  3. Enter the 'Id' into the search bar filter to locate the problematic record displaying a validation message.
  4. Read the Detail message for specific insight into the error, and click on the More info link for further clarification on the necessary actions to take.

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After addressing the root cause found in the detailed message and making the necessary adjustments to the dependent entity, retry the sync process to ensure the error has been resolved.

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