Unlink and Relink Records Between Re-Leased and Oracle NetSuite

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This guide will take you through the steps to unlink a record that is failing to sync between Re-Leased and Oracle NetSuite. By unlinking a problematic record, you can prevent it from being included in future synchronization attempts, thus allowing for uninterrupted sync of other records until the issue with the specific record can be resolved. We'll show you how to identify the error, locate the record, and unlink it from future syncs.


Identifying and Unlinking a Record

At times, you may encounter a sync issue that isn't resolved by updating records in Re-Leased or Oracle NetSuite. Unlinking the record can be beneficial to continue operations while addressing the problematic entry separately. Follow these steps to unlink a record:

  1. Select the flag to view the sync issues. Then navigate to the problematic line and click on the corresponding validation message.

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  1. Document the details that are causing the issue such as the contact name, invoice ID, etc., as this will be important when it comes to addressing the underlying problem.
  2. Go to the Sync Results page. Ensure the filter is set to 'Linked' or 'Show all` and then type the 'Id' of the problematic record into the search bar to find the linked record.
  3. Select the record you wish to unlink and then choose Unlink Records. This record will now be excluded in future syncs.

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Viewing Unlinked Records

Should you need to review records that have been unlinked, you can do so by:

  1. Visiting the Sync Results page again.
  2. Applying the Unlinked filter to display all records that have been excluded from syncing.

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Relinking a Record

If you’ve addressed the original syncing issue and wish to include the previously unlinked record in future syncs, you can relink it by:

  1. Finding the unlinked record under the Unlinked filter on the Sync Results page.
  2. Choosing the record and selecting Link Records.

Keep in mind that if the underlying problem has not been fixed, it's likely that the sync will fail again.

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