Managing Your Oracle NetSuite Sync Errors

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This article outlines common sync errors you may encounter between Re-Leased and Oracle NetSuite and provides straightforward solutions to resolve them. By understanding the root causes and steps needed to fix these issues, you'll be equipped to maintain a seamless integration between both systems.

Sync Error Message

Potential cause and how to fix

A contact with this name already exists please use a different name

Cause of the error

There can't be more than one contact in Re-Leased with the same name. This is usually surfaced as there will be a Vendor and Customer in Oracle NetSuite with the same name.


How to resolve

Rename the duplicate contact in Oracle NetSuite - this will usually be the Vendor contact

Invoice/contact is using multi-currency. This feature is not currently supported by Re-Leased

Cause of the error

An invoice/contact in Oracle NetSuite is set up to use multi-currency which is not supported by Re-Leased.


How to resolve

The invoice/contact need to be unlinked from Re-Leased. Once it's unlinked, it's recommended to make the contact inactive in Oracle NetSuite and create a new contact in your local currency.

Payment has linked transaction(s) of type(s) 'Journal Entry' and is not currently supported by Re-Leased

Cause of the error

Journal Entries don't sync from Oracle NetSuite to Re-Leased as they're not currently supported.


How to resolve

The payment will need to be unlinked. Once unlinked, a payment can be added to the invoice in Re-Leased and it won't sync to Oracle NetSuite as it's already been paid in Oracle NetSuite.

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