Syncing Expense Transactions from QuickBooks Online (QBO) to Re-Leased

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This knowledge base article outlines the exciting new integration feature that allows the synchronization of Expense transactions from QuickBooks Online (QuickBooks Online) bank statements into Re-Leased. With this feature, managing your financial records across platforms is becoming smoother and more efficient. 

Understanding the New Sync Feature

This new sync feature bridges QuickBooks Online and Re-Leased, streamlining the way Expense transactions are handled. Here's what you need to know about it:

  • An Expense transaction that is created from a Bank Statement transaction in QuickBooks Online will now be mirrored in Re-Leased as a Paid Expense Invoice.
  • For successful synchronization of an Expense into Re-Leased, the transaction in QuickBooks Online must have a Vendor contact associated with it.

How to Enable Expenses Syncing

  1. Navigate to Settings > Manage Integrations and Add ons
  2. Use the Company dropdown selector to ensure you have the correct Company selected
  3. Click on View details under QuickBooks Online, then Settings, then enable the toggle switch for Expense syncing

sync expenses.png

Disabling the syncing of Expenses is as simple as switching the toggle back to disabled. 

Important Details for Seamless Syncing

Though QuickBooks Online offers the flexibility to create an Expense without a linked Vendor contact, such transactions will not sync with Re-Leased. Here's how to address this:

  1. Ensure each Expense transaction in QuickBooks Online has an associated Vendor contact. Without it, syncing will fail.
  2. If creating a new Vendor for every one-off transaction feels cumbersome, consider using a workaround approach:

Create a new Vendor in QuickBooks Online named "Sundry Expenses" and use this Vendor for all one-off Expense transactions. This simplifies your Vendor list and maintains the integrity of sync functionality.

Step-By-Step: Linking Expenses to 'Sundry Expenses' Vendor

To avoid cluttering your Vendor list and streamline the creation of one-off Expense transactions:

  1. In QuickBooks Online, navigate to the Expenses section.
  2. Select the relevant Expense transaction within your Bank Statement.
  3. Utilize the Vendor field to link the transaction to your "Sundry Expenses" Vendor contact.
  4. Save your changes to ensure the transaction will sync across to Re-Leased.


Troubleshooting Sync Issues

If you encounter any difficulties with the sync process, consider these tips:

  • Confirm that the 'Sundry Expenses' Vendor contact is correctly set up in QuickBooks Online and is connected to the Expense.
  • Ensure no alterations were made to the Expense in QuickBooks Online after the initial sync attempt.
  • Check internet connectivity, as sync functions rely on a stable connection.
  • If the issue persists, reach out to our support team for assistance.




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