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The modern Property Manager's workload is extensive. Re-Leased’s Credia Action steps in to assist by suggesting the most suitable next steps in your core maintenance, invoice approval, and communication tasks, conveniently in a side panel without requiring you to leave your workflow.

Credia Action leverages the data you and your team have added to Re-Leased, including incoming emails from tenants and suppliers, as the main source for generating contextual and insightful best-in-class actions tailored to your and your team's needs.

Note: You must have your Outlook email account connected with Re-Leased to be able to use Credia Action.

How to leverage Credia Action: a customer use case

Michael Jones, a tenant at 87 Bridge St, notifies the property manager, Alex, regarding an air conditioning system issue they have been experiencing since a recent fire alarm via email. The tenant requests the property manager to arrange for someone to inspect the air conditioning unit as soon as possible. The tenant is informing Alex, the property manager, that the premises haven't been cleaned for the past two days and requests him to address this before the weekend. 

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Once the property manager opens the tenant's email in Re-Leased, he will see a 'Take Action' button, which opens a Credia Action side panel on the same screen. From there, Alex, the property manager, can follow the best course of action and recommended steps in response to the tenant’s email.


Credia Action recommends the property manager to take the following actions:

Create a maintenance task →

Create a work order →

Create a reminder →

Send a reply email →

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Create a maintenance task

By clicking the 'New Maintenance Task' button, Credia Action allows Alex the property manager to create a new one-off maintenance task for the reported issue. The system automatically populates the property, tenancy, title, and contractor fields based on the contents of the email. The property manager will also have the option to change these details by selecting alternative information from the dropdown menus.

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Credia Action recommends contractors based on your preferred supplier for the tenancy. If you haven’t selected a preferred supplier, the system will recommend using contractors you have previously used for similar types of maintenance tasks. If none of these recommendations suit your use case, you can easily choose a different contractor from the dropdown menu.

Create a work order

After creating a maintenance task, Credia Action suggests generating a work order for it and sending it to the contractor. The property and contractor specified in the maintenance task will automatically get populated in this step. To email the work order directly to the selected supplier, along with the key job details, simply click ‘Compose Email’.

To reduce the time required for drafting emails, you can either use the pre-written work order email or compose your message to the supplier from scratch. Whichever option you prefer, the work order is already attached as a PDF file to your outgoing message. You can preview it by clicking the work order PDF link under Attachments in the email field.

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Create a reminder

In this scenario, the tenant is informing Alex, the property manager, that the premises haven't been cleaned for the past two days and requests him to address this before the weekend. Credia Action has detected this and suggests creating a calendar reminder.

The system automatically transfers all relevant details from the tenant's email to the new reminder, which the property manager can either accept as is or modify if necessary. Additionally, he has the option to assign the reminder to another team member if required.

Credia Action reminder.png

After saving the reminder, it appears both on Alex's dashboard calendar and in the reminders section, ready for action.

Send a reply email

Once Alex the property manager has made arrangements with the contractor, he can inform the tenant about what they can expect to happen next by clicking ' Send a reply email' action. Once again, he can use a recommended reply message or draft a completely different one.

You also have the option to customize the tone of your message, making it either more formal or informal and even shorten it if necessary. The field labelled 'Make the email friendlier' allows you to provide Credia Action with specific instructions on how you would like to modify the suggested email text. For example, you can request it to remove any apologetic language, and the system will intelligently rewrite the email accordingly.

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After sending the email, all correspondence will appear in the Correspondence area associated with the tenancy.


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