Setting Up Tracking Categories with Sage Intacct

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Tracking categories enable you to sync your financial data from Sage Intacct, tagging property-related transactions for an enhanced reporting experience in Sage Intacct. They also ensure that transactions entered in Sage Intacct will link to the correct Property in Re-Leased after a sync. By the end of this guide, you'll know how to set up and apply tracking categories to properties within Re-Leased and witness the enriched detail in your financial reports.

Setting up Tracking Category Options

Initiating tracking categories begins within Sage Intacct. Re-Leased, we use Intacct's concept of Dimensions to sync these into Re-Leased as Tracking Categories.

In Sage Intacct, ensure that you have a Dimension set up that corresponds to the list of Properties created in Re-Leased. This can be a standard Dimension such as Location, or you can create a custom user-defined Dimension to represent Properties. Click here to learn more about how to do this in Intacct.

Import Tracking Categories into Re-Leased

  1. In Re-Leased, initiate a sync to import tracking categories from Sage Intacct. You can do this by opening the sync messages dropdown by clicking the flag icon in the black sub-navigation bar, then clicking Start sync
  2. Confirm synchronization under Settings > General > Tracking.

It's important to manage Dimensions within Sage Intacct, as the list in Re-Leased is not editable.

Assigning a Tracking Option to a Property

Every property must have a tracking option Dimension assigned:

  1. Open the property of interest and go to the Property Details tab.
  2. In the Tracking Option section, select the suitable option from the dropdown. NB: this dropdown will pull through all available dimension values from Sage Intacct, so its best to use the text search to narrow down the available options for selection.
  3. If updating invoices is required, check the box Update the associated property on all invoices.
  4. Hit the Save property button to cement the connection.

The chosen action will impact how current invoices are managed in relation to new property tracking assignments.

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