Credia AI security and privacy

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At Re-Leased, we want to be transparent with our customers about our AI products. Here's an outline of their functionality and privacy practices.

We know you handle sensitive and confidential information, and your clients rely on you to keep it secure. And because keeping data safe is essential, we are committed to being transparent and intentional about how and when we collect, store, and use it.

Trusted technology

Enjoy the benefits of Credia AI while we protect the privacy and security of your sensitive data. Built natively into the Re-Leased platform, Credia AI includes the best-in-class features you and your clients and partners can trust.

Protecting your data and privacy

We are dedicated to protecting your privacy and data. Our AI products are developed in-house and run on our customized AI infrastructure using Microsoft Azure Cloud. This ensures that your data always belongs to you. It will not be used to train models for other Re-Leased customers or external AI tools.

No training on your data 
We won’t use your data to train or improve models— we host and run general purpose Large Language Models (LLMs) in our cloud infrastructure.

Upholding industry-leading privacy standards

Credia AI follows the same standards applied to all Re-Leased products and features; they are all designed with privacy in mind. By using Re-Leased, you comply with our obligations under various privacy laws, such as GDPR.

Advanced user permissions

For businesses that need more protection, our Advanced user permissions add-on provides the highest level of security. You can read more about configuring various settings and permissions to control how Re-Leased works for users across your organisation here.


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