Introducing the Sync Overview Page for Connected Accounting Customers

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This article serves as your guide to the newly launched Sync Overview Page, an enhanced way to view and manage the sync status of your connections across all companies within a group in Re-Leased. This page provides a comprehensive snapshot to help you quickly identify which companies are syncing without issues, which have pending errors, and which require immediate attention, all from a single location.

Understanding the Sync Overview Page

The Sync Overview Page is a strategic enhancement aimed to provide a more holistic view 'one level up' from the existing Sync Results Page. By utilizing this new page, users can now:

  • Observe the overall health of sync connections across the entire group.
  • Easily identify whether a connection is functioning correctly or needs attention.
  • Spot sync errors at a glance and take action to resolve them.

Getting Started with the Sync Overview Page

Accessing the Sync Overview Page is straightforward:

  1. Locate the sync icon within the light grey quick links menu at the top of your Re-Leased interface.
  2. Click on the icon to reveal the sync messages dropdown.
  3. Here, click on View sync statuses.

sync over page.png


Narrow your focus

The tiles along the top of the page give a count of your companies, grouped by their connection status. To filter the list below, simply click the corresponding tile. Alternatively, use the status dropdown to filter the view - from here you can also select multiple statuses to filter by. 

narrow your focus.png


What do the statuses mean?


Status Definition
Successfully synced All is well, the last sync completed with no errors.
In progress A sync is currently underway. Check back again in a few minutes to see the status of the sync.
Not connected This company is not currently connected to any accounting software.
Incomplete onboarding The company is connected, but the onboarding process has not been completed. Go to Settings > Manage Integrations & Add ons > View details > Complete Onboarding to finish this process.
Needs reconnecting This connection needs re-authorization. Go to Settings > Manage Integrations & Add ons > View details > Advanced > Reconnect to input your credentials and reconnect.
Sync has errors The last sync attempted has completed, but with some errors to address. Click on the View details button to view individual sync errors that need resolving.
Incomplete pipeline The last sync failed to complete for some reason. Normally this problem is transient and can be resolved by triggering another sync. If this status persists, please contact so we can investigate further.


Managing Your Connections

From the Sync Overview Page, you'll find a number of actions you can perform for each company listed:

  1. To examine details of past and current sync activity, select View Results for the relevant company. This will land you on the Sync Results Page for that company.
  2. If you need to manually trigger a new sync, simply click on the three dots, then Start Sync.
  3. To review or adjust your current integration settings, click the three dots, then Settings
  4. To view the log of messages of each entity's sync, click the three dots, then View message log


The Sync Overview Page puts all the essential information and controls right at your fingertips, allowing for prompt management and resolution of any sync concerns.

Benefits of the Sync Overview Page

  • A unified view of the sync status across your portfolio.
  • Immediate insight into action items for each company's connections.
  • Reduced time spent navigating between different pages or companies to manage sync statuses.

With this consolidated view, troubleshooting and maintaining your sync connections becomes both more efficient and effective.

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