Settings for BPAY Payments (AUS-Only)

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When you're managing Trust Accounts within Australia, you might be familiar with BPAY as a convenient payment option for settling bills with creditors. This article is designed to guide you through setting up and using BPAY for creditor payments in our system. 


Setting Up BPAY for Trust Accounts

To integrate BPAY with your Trust Account, you'll need to configure the settings according to your bank's file format. Here's how you can get started: 

  1. Go to the Settings menu and click on Trust Accounts.
  2. Choose the appropriate BPAY file format for your Trust Account from the following available options:
      • ANZ Transactive
      • Commonwealth Bank CommBiz
      • Macquarie Batch Payment
      • National Australia Bank
      • BPAY for Westpac Corporate
      • CSV for Westpac Live
      • Bendigo Bank

In case your bank's format is not listed, you won't be able to generate a directly compatible BPAY file. However, you can still process BPAY disbursements. In this scenario, after selecting one of the available file formats, you will have to manually complete the payments at your bank. 


Setting Up BPAY Creditor Contacts

Prior to initiating payment transactions, verify that your creditor contacts are properly configured for BPAY. Click here for a guide on adding BPAY information to your creditor contacts


Creating Expenses for payment via BPAY Creditors

Once you've configured your Trust Account and BPAY contacts, proceed to generate expenses for BPAY creditors. For guidance on creating BPAY expenses, go to creating expenses for BPAY creditors.

As part of the disbursement procedure, the system will produce an exclusive file for BPAY transactions. You can upload this file to your online banking platform, streamlining the processing of all your disbursements.

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