Paying an invoice with a Credit/Debit Card via Re-Leased Pay

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This guide is aimed to assist your tenants in paying their invoices with a credit or debit card using the Re-Leased Pay feature. For everyone involved, the process is designed to be quick and secure. Below, you will find an easy-to-follow series of steps to facilitate online payments.


Enable Re-Leased Pay for Tenant Use

Firstly, ensure that the Re-Leased 'Pay Online' button is enabled on your account, which will allow tenants to access the Pay Online feature on their invoices. Once this feature activated, tenants can easily settle their dues with the convenience of card payments.

Tenant Receives Invoice with Pay Online Option

Once an invoice is issued, your tenant will notice a Pay Online button prominently displayed.


Selecting an Invoice to Pay

If your tenant has multiple invoices to settle, they'll be presented with a list from which they can choose one invoice to pay at a time. After selecting the desired invoice, tenants can proceed by opting to pay via Credit Card.

Multiple Invoices AU.png

Entering Payment Information

The tenant will be taken to a secure checkout page, where they're required to enter:

  • Their email address (for payment confirmation).
  • Credit/debit card details (card number, expiration date, and CVV).
  • Their name as it appears on the card.

Confirmation of Successful Payment

Upon successful transaction, a confirmation screen will inform the tenant of the completed payment. They will also receive an email receipt, confirming the details of their transaction for their records.


Re-Leased Pay ensures a seamless payment experience for your tenants, thereby enhancing tenant satisfaction and improving the timeliness of payments.

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