Viewing Payout Details in Re-Leased Pay

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This guide is designed to help you view the details of your invoice payments that have been included in payouts from Re-Leased Pay to your bank accounts. By accessing the Payments Hub and navigating to the payouts tab, you'll be able to view payout references, amounts, and individual payment information with ease.


Accessing Payout Information

Re-Leased Pay simplifies the payout process by providing a clear and concise overview of your transactions. To begin exploring this function, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Settings, select Re-Leased Pay, and then choose the Payments Hub button.
  2. Click on the Payouts tab.

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What You'll Find on the Payouts Tab

The Payouts tab is where you can discover a wealth of information about each payout:

  • A chronological list of all payouts, with the most recent ones displayed at the top.
  • Matching payout references that correspond to what is shown on your bank statement.
  • The total amount of each payout.
  • A handy link labelled View included payments for further details.

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Payout Details

This page will present you with a list that includes several important pieces of information:

  • Each individual invoice payment that has been included.
  • Associated invoices, which are clickable and will redirect you to the full invoice.
  • The names of contacts who made the payments.
  • The exact amount of each payment.
  • Receipt numbers, also clickable, to swiftly access the corresponding receipt.

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By following these instructions, you should now be able to seamlessly access and review all relevant payout details in Re-Leased Pay. This functionality allows for better financial tracking, aiding in reconciliations and improving the transparency of your transactions.

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