Customizing Header, Footer & Templates for Company Branding

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Ensuring your company branding is consistent across all correspondence sent from Re-Leased is crucial for maintaining a professional image. This article is your go-to guide for setting up your company branding within Re-Leased, including managing headers, footers, and various templates for emails, text messages, forms, agreements, and work orders. We’ll guide you through how to properly personalize your branding while utilizing shared templates across different companies within your group. 


Getting Started with Company Branding 

Begin by establishing your company's identity in Re-Leased: 

  1. Navigate to Manage Companies under the Settings menu. 
  2. Complete your address details and upload your company logo. 
  3. These details can later be used as merge fields in templates for consistent branding. 

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Creating Headers and Footers 

To maintain a cohesive look for all documents: 

  1. Each company should set up its own Header and Footer for email and print communications. 
  2. This allows for personalized branding while using a shared set of templates. 

Management of Headers and Footers must be completed first: 

  1. Go to the Settings menu. 
  2. Click on Templates under the Communications section. 
  3. Use the blue buttons above the template list to manage the header and footer. 

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Working with Templates 

Templates streamline correspondence and ensure uniformity: 

Remember, any templates added are shared across all companies under your group. To maintain a consistent brand image, refrain from using logos or specific names in these shared templates. Instead, utilize merge fields for branding elements. 

Special Considerations for Invoices and Statements 

  • If you are integrated with Xero: Manage the appearance of invoices through your Xero settings, not via Re-Leased. 
    For companies not connected to Xero: You can adjust the appearance of invoices directly within Re-Leased's settings. For guidance, please refer to Invoice Templates. 
    For Client/Trust accounts: Review and customize how owner statements are displayed. Consult Owner Statement Display Options for more details. 

By following this guide, you'll have your company branding cohesively integrated into your Re-Leased correspondence in no time. This attention to detail speaks volumes about your company's professionalism and can significantly enhance your brand recognition. 

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