Getting started with the Credia Actions Panel

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The Credia Actions panel is a powerful tool designed to streamline your workflow by allowing you to complete various property management tasks directly from a single interface. By clicking the Credia icon in the quick links bar you can pull out the actions panel and give it prompts or instructions to execute a variety of end-to-end workflows, such as creating maintenance tasks or setting reminders. This guide will help you understand how to effectively utilize the Credia Actions panel.

Accessing the Credia Actions panel

Click the Credia Credia logo 1.webpcredia brain emoji icon located in the top right corner of your quick links bar. This action will slide out an actions panel from the edge of your screen. Once the actions panel is open, you can start giving it prompts to create and complete tasks. Here are some actions you can ask Credia to perform for you:

Credia Actions Panel v2.gif

Setting Reminders

You can set reminders without navigating away from your current screen. For example:

  • Prompt: "Set a reminder to call the tenant in six days at 10 AM."
  • Result: Credia will create a calendar reminder for the specified date and time with a note.

Creating Maintenance Tasks
To create a maintenance task, simply type your prompt into the Credia Actions panel description field. For example:

  • Prompt: "Create a maintenance task for checking the HVAC system on June 20th."
  • Result: Credia will create a new maintenance task with the specified details.

Creating Notes

You can create a Note from within the Credia Actions panel simply by typing your prompt into the text field.

  • Prompt: “Create a note to note the HVAC state at rhe property requires maintenance.’
  • Result: Credia will create a new note for the specified tenant/property/contact with the relevant details.

All tasks, notes and reminders created through the Credia Actions panel will be automatically integrated into the Maintenance Hub, Reminders and Notes sections where you can also review, edit, or delete them.

Tips for effective use:

  • The more specific your prompts, the better Credia can understand and execute your tasks.
  • You don't need to use special commands or syntax, jJust type your requests as you would naturally speak.

You can also ask Credia to suggest the best next actions for incoming tenant emails using Credia Action with Outlook email integration.

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