Credia AI Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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We aim to resolve common queries you may have regarding our services with clear, straightforward guidance. In this article, we'll tackle frequently asked questions and provide you with informative answers to enhance your understanding of Credia AI and empower you to make the most of our platform.
Question: Who can use Credia AI?
Answer: Credia AI is free to use for all of our customers.
Question: Why aren't my emails visible within Re-Leased?

Answer: To fully unleash the power of the Credia Action feature, it's best to connect it to your Outlook account. Doing so enables seamless integration and optimized performance for managing your workflows. If you're not seeing Credia Action within your account, please ensure that the integration with Outlook is correctly set up

Question: What is the difference between Credia Action (Outlook Email Connected) and Credia via the navigation bar?

Answer: Credia Action (Outlook Email Connected) allows for your emails to be read using Credia AI, which then suggests actions that can be performed based on the text contained within the email, such as creating a maintenance task, which can also include a quote request and work order, creating a contact, making a note or reminder and also emailing the tenancy.

Answer: Credia Action (main Navigation bar) allows you to copy & paste text describing the action for example follow up with tradesperson XYZ about the air conditioning repair and from here Credia AI will suggest actions such as creating a maintenance task, creating a note or reminder and also emailing the tenancy.

Question: Is my data safe?

Answer: We are dedicated to protecting our customer's privacy and data. Our AI products are developed in-house and run on our customized AI infrastructure using Microsoft Azure Cloud. This ensures that our customer's data always belongs to them. It will not be used to train models for other Re-Leased customers or external AI tools.

Credia AI security and privacy

Question: Can I pick and choose which emails are visible?

Answer: Accessing emails via a tenant or contact will only show emails based on that contact or tenant's email address.

Answer: MyInbox will display all emails within your Outlook inbox. For each email you select, it will suggest relevant actions. Please note that the visibility of emails within this feature cannot be altered.

Question: How do I access support for Credia AI?

Answer: Simply submit a Support Request
Contacting Customer Support

Question: What features will be added next to Credia AI?

Answer: Your insights are invaluable in shaping the future of Credia AI. We encourage you to share feedback and participate in its ongoing development.







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