Introducing Credia AI

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Welcome to the future of property management with Credia AI, your new, AI-powered assistant within Re-Leased. By harnessing the capabilities of Credia AI, you're on the path to dramatically speeding up your daily tasks and unlocking deep insights to guide your decisions in property management. In this article, we'll introduce how Credia AI will transform your workflow and highlight the steps to begin using Credia Action - one of its standout features.

The Core Pillars of Credia AI

Credia AI is revolutionizing Re-Leased with a foundation built upon three key pillars that work synergistically to enhance your efficiency and expertise:

  • Actioning on Your Behalf: Automation capabilities handle the routine, so you can dedicate more time to tasks that require your unique expertise - live
  • Extract Data Fast: Credia AI swiftly pulls information from leases, invoices, emails, and more, converting them into actionable data with precision - coming soon
  • Personal Property Advisor: Rely on intelligent insights and proactive advice tailored to your specific portfolio, local norms, and prevailing market trends - coming soon

Introducing Credia Action

The next evolution of our platform is now live with Credia Action. This innovative feature anticipates your workflows, suggesting the next best steps directly from your current standpoint. Imagine cutting down a maintenance workflow from 5 minutes to 30 seconds - the time savings translate into over 4 weeks a year!

Where to Find Credia Action

Ready to dive in? Here's where you can find Credia Action to start boosting your efficiency:

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    • Tenancies and Contacts Get Credia Action's recommendations within tenancy and contact sections.

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Experience Credia's capabilities through interactive guides: Start your Interactive Product Guide to Credia Action.

Contributing to Credia AI's Evolution

Your insights are invaluable in shaping the future of Credia AI. We encourage you to share feedback and participate in its ongoing development.


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